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We're here to provide fashion for women at budget friendly prices so they feel fashionable, comfortable, confident, and beautiful from day into night.

unique merchandise

Cotton & Co will provide a revolving inventory of trendy, unique apparel and accessories. Special orders may be difficult due to the ever-changing items brought in. One item goes out the door and another new piece comes in-you don't have to worry about looking like the person next to you.

How it all started

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Cotton & Co started as a wild thought and turned into reality in March of 2019. Over a glass of wine, my husband and I chatted about my retail experience, passion for clothing, and how we could incorporate that into our lives. Why not take the merchandise to the customer?!?

When I drove the truck down our driveway in Eagle, CO, I knew we were in for a crazy ride! After months of preparation, from an old 18ft linen truck, "Coco" evolved into a quaint, trendy, affordable fashion boutique that will roll up and down The Valley.

cotton & co founder

Kailey Gorbold

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